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How To Build A Profitable NLP Coaching Business - FAST

A Step By Step Model for building a sustainable 
Six Figure NLP Coaching (or Hypnosis) Business in 2024

We Will Show You The Expert Methods - Absolutely FREE!

Saturday, February 3rd

@ 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST)
What You Will Learn On This 
FREE Workshop:
Step 1: The Roadmap
When starting out, it's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated with what to do and where to start.  This is where many aspiring coaches just give up.  In this section Robert will draw out a simple roadmap to success that is step by step and easy to follow.  
Step 2: Position As Expert
Next, you will learn a stupid simple process to quickly position yourself as an expert in your chosen field, even if you don't have testimonials from past clients.  Most importantly - it works to build trust and confidence in your audience so they look to you for advice and want your services.
Step 3: Get Leads 24/7
Finally, you will discover several free and low cost strategies to get leads coming in 24/7.  No cold calls or DM's.  You'll have them booking a FREE evaluation with you. Robert will them show you how to convert them to happily paying clients who love your services and get great results
This FREE advance training is limited so act now!

PLUS - Receive 3 Value Packed Business Building Bonuses 
Just For Attending....

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FREE Gift #1:  Business Building Roadmap Infographic ($97.00 Value)

Professionally Designed Info-Graphic of the NLP Coaching Business blueprint you can hang on the wall and use to guide you along your path to creating the NLP Coaching business of your dreams.  Use this to stay focused and stay on track.

FREE Gift #2:  Sample Evaluation - $3000 Weight Loss Program (paid in advance). ($997.00 Value)
This $3000 Evaluation Video was recorded live in front of a room full of students during a Professional Hypnosis Certification Training at a Hilton Garden Inn. Look over my shoulder as I sell her a $3000 Weight Loss Program easily using the system.  I had never met or spoken with this woman before except to book her evaluation on the phone.
Update:  This video was recorded in September 2016.  Since then, Stacey loved her Weight Loss Program and lost over 12 pounds in the first few months.  She has also referred her friend.  This stuff works!
FREE Gift #3:  The $10,000 Corporate Presentation
'First Corporate Talk' ($1997.00 Value)
...just for attending the WEBINAR

How To Excel At Anything You Do

The Corporate Talk that consistently produces NEW CLIENTS in the back of the room (we've used this to make $10,000+ in new client enrollment at companies like Oracle, NEC, Electronic Arts, VISA, and GAP).  

This was originally part of 'First 50 Clients' Marketing Package (which is no longer available at any price).

  • This 'Corporate Friendly' talk, entitled 'How To Excel At Anything You Do' is in demand at almost any company.  
  • Use it to win them over and create long term consulting relationships.
  • Builds the need and desire for Personalized Consulting with YOU (and your team.)
  • Follows the BEST PRACTICES template for a high converting 1 hr workshop - use this as a template to create your own Corporate Talks.
  • 42 Professionally Designed & Tested POWERPOINT Slides YOU can use.  Just put in your Company Name and Phone Number.
  • TRAINING VIDEO: 32 min. Walk Through VIDEO explaining EXACTLY What to Say and How To Say it to make sure they sign up for an evaluation in the back of the room.
  • TRAINING AUDIO: An 1hr 32 min. AUDIO Program Conference call explaining how to book and present your 'First Corporate Talk'.
  • Can be used for selling Hypnosis & Coaching - you can also remove the Hypnosis slides and use it just for Coaching (or vice versa).
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